1. Maruti Suzuki's disaster preparedness programs train employees, dealers, and communities in emergency response, evacuation, and first aid.

2. The brand's disaster relief initiatives provide humanitarian aid, supplies, and support services to communities affected by natural calamities and crises.

3. Maruti Suzuki's mobile relief units deliver food, water, medical aid, and shelter to disaster-affected areas, reaching remote and inaccessible locations.

4. The brand's community kitchens and feeding programs ensure food security, nutrition, and sustenance for disaster survivors and displaced populations.

5. Maruti Suzuki's rebuilding projects reconstruct homes, schools, and infrastructure, restoring livelihoods and hope for disaster-affected communities.

6. Partnerships with relief agencies, NGOs, and government bodies strengthen Maruti Suzuki's disaster response capabilities and enable effective coordination, resource mobilization, and impact assessment.