1. Maruti Suzuki's artisan empowerment programs revive traditional crafts, skills, and livelihoods in rural and artisanal communities.

2. The brand's collaborations with artisan cooperatives and NGOs promote sustainable production, fair trade, and market access for handmade products.

3. Maruti Suzuki's craft fairs, exhibitions, and online platforms showcase artisanal products, heritage crafts, and cultural traditions to wider audiences.

4. The brand's design collaborations integrate artisanal techniques, motifs, and materials into contemporary product lines, creating unique, culturally rich offerings.

5. Maruti Suzuki's artisan entrepreneurship programs offer training, mentorship, and market linkages for artisans to start and scale their businesses.

6. Partnerships with cultural institutions, designers, and retailers support Maruti Suzuki's craft revival initiatives and promote artisanal heritage preservation.